Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rodney King: Finally at Peace! (1965-2012)

Imagine being on a roller coaster ride without any safety mechanisms and shifting, turning and twirling at high speeds. At first you are charged and your adrenaline spikes, but shortly you realize the danger of the ride and wish to get off...however, the ride continues, continues and continues.

This is the image I have when I think of Rodney King's life. I did not know Mr. King personally, but I've known thousands of addicted individuals who experience a very chaotic and unsafe life; never knowing when the dangerous ride will end. From what we've seen on television from the beatings to the Celebrity Rehab episodes, Mr. King appeared to be a gentle, but troubled soul. I'm sure we all pray for his family and loved ones.

Maybe his life can touch someone today and initiate a call for help. Addiction is unrelenting and will not give up without a true mind, body and spiritual transformation! Call today and speak with someone at Main Line Recovery and we will assist you in getting the help you truly deserve and want. Call us at (215) 834-7979 today!

Dr. Bill Heran

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