Monday, June 25, 2012

SHHHH! Using Silence as a Tool for early Recovery from Addictive Behaviors

Most addicted people have a great deal of noise to battle. Noise both inside their minds and noise around them in their troubling relationships with others. The noise can lead to negative emotions and thoughts that make it difficult to proceed living without resorting to your addiction of choice (e.g. alcohol, drugs, sex, internet, gambling, work, etc.).

Take a moment and sit or lie down alone in a quiet room. Turn off your cell phone, computer, television, ipad, ipod, pager (if you still have one) and any other distractive external noise. Now all you are left with is yourself. Your Self. You may notice when you do this that once you eliminate the external noises what you left with are the noises you've made in your mind (along with some physical noises you may experience). Now you have removed the external noise, focus on your breath. Breathe in and experience the movement that sustains your life and most living beings on the planet. If your window is open, listen to the trees, the birds, a dog barking. Just listen. Don't judge.

When we practice silence we are practicing listening. One of the key factors in early recovery from addictive behaviors is the ability to listen: to a sponsor, a friend, your family, other people in recovery, testimonials, your Higher Power! Without the ability to listen, we are fooling ourselves that we are in recovery. Take time each day to practice a silence exercise that can build a strong sense of listening and feeling more and more comfortable with your Self -- your True Self.

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Dr. William J. Heran
CEO and Founder
Main Line Recovery

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